Onshore wind

We’re lucky to live in such a windy country as the Netherlands. Offshore wind alone won’t be enough to provide enough sustainable energy to achieve all the climate goals. This means that we’ll need to increase our onshore energy production as well, and by no little amount. To be precise, by 2030 we need to be at 35 billion kWh per year. Whenever we develop a wind farm, we make sure to involve local parties in the process, for example by organising information sessions or feedback groups and by explaining the possibilities to become financially involved.
Wind turbine at Eneco EnergieLab Vianen

Spuisluis wind farm

This wind farm is situated on the northern bank of the Noordzeekanaal canal, which is known to be very windy.

Beuningen wind farm

Situated along the southern edge of the A73 motorway, these five turbines will produce sustainable electricity for some fifteen thousand households.
Wind turbine at Eneco EnergieLab Vianen

Culemborg wind project

A partnership with a local wind initiative.
Wind farm Nieuwe Waterweg

Hoeksebaan wind project

We have developed plans to realise two wind turbines near the Hoeksebaan industrial estate in Hoek van Holland

Fryslân wind farm

The 89 wind turbines installed in Lake IJssel began producing a combined total of around 1,500 GWh of wind energy at the end of 2021.
Wind farm Windpark Hogezandse Polder Numansdorp

Hogezandse Polder wind farm

The municipality of Hoeksche Waard is home to nine wind turbines that supply green electricity.

Maasvlakte 2 wind farm

The 22 innovative onshore wind turbines that we realised for Dutch public works department Rijkswaterstaat have been producing no less than 416 GWh of green electricity per year since 2023.

Kabeljauwbeek wind farm

Since the end of 2020, the municipality of Woensdrecht has been home to five wind turbines with an annual average electricity production of approximately 45 kWh.
grootschalige opwek duurzame energie rijnenburg

Sustainable energy in Rijnenburg and Reijerscop

Exploration of the possibilities for sustainable energy.

ZE-BRA wind farm

Existing wind turbines are being replaced by fifteen new wind turbines nearby.

Landtong Rozenburg wind farm

After repowering, a smaller number of wind turbines will generate twice as much energy.

Nieuwe Waterweg wind farm

Six wind turbines realised in partnership with the Municipality of Rotterdam.
Wind farm Slufterdam

Slufterdam wind farm

A partnership between Vattenfall and Eneco.

Autena wind farm

A location that combines green electricity and education.
Wind farm Delfzijl Noord

Delfzijl Noord wind farm

Nineteen wind turbines for Google.

Houten wind farm

Three wind turbines along the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal canal.

Reusel-De Mierden wind farm

Five wind turbines trace the ‘Wind In Your Wheels’ bicycle route.

Sabina-Henrica wind farm

An excellent location for wind.

What else we are doing

Find out what else we have achieved to realise our mission of ‘everyone's sustainable energy’.