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Who we are

Eneco is an international energy company committed to accelerating the energy transition. Based on our mission 'everyone's sustainable energy', we help consumers and businesses to switch to sustainable energy.

About Eneco

Eneco is a strong and growing energy company, active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.
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Our mission 'everyone’s sustainable energy' has been firmly anchored in our strategy since 2007. At the time, Eneco was one of the first large energy companies that wholeheartedly embarked on a sustainable course.


Eneco wants to accelerate the energy transition. We feel it is our responsibility to be a leader in this field.
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Management board

The day-to-day management of the holding company lies with the management board.
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Doing business with integrity

Eneco stimulates a speak-up culture.


Eneco is an integrated and independent Dutch energy company. Its shareholders are Mitsubishi Corporation (80% and Chubu (20%). Eneco’s shareholders fully support the sustainable strategy and contribute to further national and international growth.
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Our brands

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Helps horticultural customers purchase sustainable energy for the best possible price
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Everyone's sustainable energy
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A green, customer oriented and innovative energy company, situated in Germany
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Oxxio is an energy supplier in the Netherlands. Oxxio makes everything related to energy and energy contracts as simple and fun as possible.
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Helps housing corporations and their tenants to save energy

Jobs at Eneco

Working at Eneco means working with around 3,000 people towards our mission: everyone's sustainable energy. Together with customers and partners, we are continuously creating affordable products, services and energy solutions that make homes, workplaces and living smarter, cleaner and more sustainable.
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