Everyone’s sustainable energy

Our mission 'Everyone’s sustainable energy' has been firmly anchored in our strategy since 2007. At the time, Eneco was one of the first large energy companies that wholeheartedly embarked on a sustainable course.

In an energy market that is changing rapidly, our mission remains rock-solid. It is our compass and the basis for all our activities. We want everyone to be able to live, work and play more sustainably. Something we can only achieve together: with our partners, customers and suppliers. The energy transition belongs to all of us.
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Living within the limits of the planet

Our mission stems from the conviction that we must pass the earth on in a livable manner to our children and the generations that follow. Living within the natural boundaries of the planet, that's what Eneco believes in.  

But unfortunately, as mankind, we are exhausting the Earth. Ecosystems don't have time to recover, biodiversity is threatened and more nature is lost than created. We are facing climate change, because more carbon is added to the atmosphere than nature can absorb.

Ambition: climate neutral by 2035

Together we have an important task: to prevent the earth from warming up by more than 1.500C. The challenge we face as a society is urgent and its scale far greater than many realise. The energy sector has an important pioneering role in the energy transition.

Eneco's ambition is to be climate-neutral in 2035. Not only in our own activities, but also in the energy we supply to our customers. In doing so, we will go faster than the scientifically substantiated 1.5°C path prescribes. We believe we have to and we believe we can. You can read what we mean by climate neutral in our list of terms.

One Planet plan

Since 2015, Eneco has laid down its sustainability targets in the One Planet plan. We report on the progress and realisation of the objectives in the plan in the annual report. The One Planet plan contains concrete objectives in the field of climate, biodiversity, circularity and society.