Wind - A stable partner

Eneco provides investment, development, construction and operation of large-scale sustainable energy projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the UK. During the years ahead, Eneco Wind will be developing new projects with a production capacity in excess of 2000 MW from wind power.
Wind farm Slufterdam
Wind power is one of the cleanest and most environmentally friendly sources of energy. No greenhouse gases of air pollutants are released. This is why it is a safe and reliable source of low-emission energy for the future. Producing and supplying green energy is part of Eneco’s DNA. Having good relations with relevant local parties is important to Eneco. The company also maintains strict compliance with local and national rules and environmental standards. 

Onshore wind

Whenever we develop a wind farm, we are eager to involve relevant local parties in the process. 

Offshore wind

By 2030, 40% of the required electricity will be supplied by offshore wind turbines. Eneco is already doing its share.  

Wind farm Autena Vianen

Stages in the lifecycle of a wind farm

Eneco is actively involved in every phase of a wind farm’s existence: development, investment, construction and operation.  

The value that Eneco adds is that it controls risk profiles, the lifetime costs and the assets’ competencies. Wind farms (both onshore and offshore) are designed to be as cost-effective as possible, with high standards of reliability and performance.  

Eneco excels at building bridges between consortium partners: partnerships with suppliers, contractors and investors that lead to winning bids. 


Eneco’s sustainable assets are developed, planned and designed by its Project Development department. Eneco has extensive possibilities to handle project development in-house, from original concept to construction. Our expertise covers development, grid integration, licenses and permits, system design and viability of investments. By drawing on the most advanced technologies for its project development and management processes, Eneco maximises energy yields and the cost-effectiveness of operations and maintenance services. 
Wind farm Delfzijl Noord
Wind frarm Burgervlotbrug

Construction management

Eneco has a track record delivering onshore and offshore Wind projects safely, on time and within budget. This allows her to respond quickly and expertly to a wide range of project challenges. 

We work with experienced, solutions-focused development, construction and operations professionals, who provide comprehensive design, procurement and construction services.

Our contracting strategy utilizes our industry knowledge and economies of scale, to optimally allocate risks and responsibilities and to optimize procurement and construction costs.


Eneco Asset Management Renewables (AMR) manages all Eneco’s sustainable assets: onshore and offshore wind farms, biomass installations, solar farms and solar roofs in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. These include the 120 MW Princess Amalia Wind Farm off the coast near IJmuiden and the Tullo wind farm in Scotland. 

Our asset management system is ISO 55000-accredited: the customer retains full control of the risk profile, the lifetime costs, information about the assets and competencies. 
Wind farm Luchterduinen

Additional services

By supplying Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) for companies, Eneco has an immediate overview of the energy requirements and can manage those requirements to maximise efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Benefits of a PPA with Eneco include: 

  • Price certainty for the long term 
  • Possibilities to hedge future electricity price increases (e.g. as a result of emission regulations/carbon taxes) 
  • Access to Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) and other green products 
  • Ability to achieve sustainability targets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (improved brand value)  


As a PPA supplier, Eneco has strong advantages over the competition: 

  • Proven experience with developing, constructing and operating large-scale sustainable energy projects in Europe 
  • Strong procurement and supply capacity, to ensure highly competitive product prices 
  • Strong credit rating and financial position 
  • A multifunctional team of experienced development, construction and operation professionals 
  • A successful track record in creating PPAs for leading companies in pursuit of their sustainability targets, including Royal DSM, Microsoft, Royal Schiphol Group and Stedin