One Planet plan

Living within the natural boundaries of the planet is what Eneco believes in and strives for. But unfortunately, as mankind, we are exhausting the Earth. Ecosystems have no time to recover, biodiversity is threatened and more nature is lost than created. We are facing climate change, because more carbon is added to the atmosphere than nature can absorb.

If we want to leave future generations a liveable planet, we must not let the Earth heat up by more than 1.5°C. To contribute to this, in June 2021, as part of the One Planet plan, we presented our renewed ambition to be climate-neutral as early as 2035. Not only in our own activities, but also in the energy we supply to our customers. Read the detailed explanation of our climate ambition.

One Planet objectives

Since 2015, we have laid down our sustainability objectives in our One Planet plan (PDF). The plan contains measurable objectives in the field of climate, biodiversity, circularity and society

During the planning and realisation phase, we regularly speak with customers, partners, suppliers and NGOs to test our insights. We use their input to strengthen the plan.

The objectives in the plan are inextricably linked to our corporate strategy and business plan. Strategic choices and investment decisions are tested against the One Planet goals.

We report on the progress and realisation of the One Planet objectives in the annual report.
Eneco One Planet infographic - ENG

Everyone's sustainable energy

In 2007, Eneco was one of the first large energy companies to opt for a sustainable course. Driven by our mission ‘everyone’s sustainable energy’, we are at the heart of society and help many consumers and businesses to switch to sustainable energy. We do this with smart, sustainable and affordable products and services. We also invest heavily in the development of sustainable energy projects, such as offshore wind farms or large solar roofs. We realise these together with partners and/or on behalf of customers.