Doing business with integrity

Eneco is a strong, sustainable international energy company with a powerful mission: sustainable energy for everyone! We want our planet to stay livable and that is why we will accelerate the energy transition together. Eneco has adopted a Code of Conduct that applies to all our employees and describes how we interact with each other and with our customers and partners. This Code of Conduct focuses on putting integrity and decency first in everything we do to realise our mission. The three cultural values guide us in our day to day work.
Eneco collegues talking to each other while sitting in chairs

Code of Conduct and policies

Drive the change

We focus and act now on what makes the difference to accelerate the energy transition. This value is about our drive to fulfill our mission, engage our customers and stay ahead of the competition. That is our focus, we are going to work on it with a lot of energy.

Deliver the plan

We all know how to contribute to the shared plan so we can deliver on our goals. Not just words, but also actions. This value is about actually taking action. We accelerate the energy transition by setting concrete goals, sharing those goals with each other and thus actually achieving the result together.

Make each other successful

We create an inclusive, safe and fun place to work where we can all reach our full potential. This value is about making each other successful. Together we create an environment where everyone can do her or his work safely and pleasantly. And in which everyone’s talent can be optimally utilised.


The Code of Conduct applies to employees in all countries in which we operate as well as the divisions Eneco owns by more than 50%.

The Code of Conduct applies to internal employees working under an internship or employment contract as well as external employees working under a secondment, temporary employment or freelance contract.


The Group Compliance and Integrity Department is the owner of the Code of Conduct.

The compliance organization is structured according to the ‘three lines model’.

The Compliance Officer reports to the CEO and annually to the Management Board and the Audit & Risk Committee of the Supervisory Board.

Speak up and Reporting

Eneco encourages a speak up culture where employees feel comfortable to address their concerns.

Our Policy on Compliance & Integrity Reporting enables our employees, but also third parties, to report possible breaches of our Code of Conduct or infringements of EU-law by Eneco.

Eneco has implemented several reporting channels that employees and other stakeholders can use to report.

What can be reported?

Examples of breaches of the Code of Conduct are discrimination, aggression, bullying, harassment, bribery and corruption, conflict of interest, fraud and theft, unfair competition practices and misuse of inside information.

How to report?

If you are connected to the Eneco internal environment, you can find more information on the reporting channels here.

Employees and external parties can report via our reporting address: Hard copy reports can be addressed to Eneco, Group Compliance & Integrity, Postbus 8208 3009 AE Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Reports can also be made anonymous.

In case you are an Eneco customer please contact our customer service.

What happens with a report?

Your report will be handled by the Group Compliance & Integrity Department, the process is laid down in the internal policy on compliance and integrity reporting.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt of your report within 7 days. The further process depends on the type of report and will be communicated to the Reporter after initial review.

Protection against retaliation

Eneco forbids all forms or attempts of retaliation against a Reporter that has reported in good faith. Violations of this retaliation protection will lead to disciplinary measures.