Privacy statement

The whole of the Netherlands is switching. The whole of Eneco helps more and more customers and companies to make the switch to smart and self-generated energy. This is how we make everyone's sustainable energy.

Eneco offers accessible and affordable solutions for consumers and companies. We also invest in full in sustainable energy, ourselves or together with partners. We already provide millions of customers with sustainable electricity every day and together we make good strides towards a more sustainable Netherlands.

Do we then do everything together? No: your personal data will of course remain yours and nobody else's. We naturally comply with the privacy legislation - the General Data Protection Regulation - and protect your personal data.
In order for the energy transition to proceed successfully, it is necessary that we include the protection of personal data as a strict precondition in the development of existing and future new products ands services. We ensure that your personal data is processed and secured with care.

Eneco processes personal data. We would like to inform you clearly about this. In this privacy statement we provide answers to the most important questions about the processing of personal data by Eneco in the Netherlands. For example, in this privacy statement we explain how we process your data and the reasons for which we do so. We also tell you what you can determine about the use of your data. This privacy statement applies to every Eneco service where personal data is processed. We explain this below.

Processing of personal data

Rules and Rights