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Eneco Energy Trade

Driving ambitions at the heart of the energy transition

Now that the energy transition is gaining momentum, new challenges are emerging. From grid congestion and energy storage to the scaling up of green fuels and heating networks. Challenges that call for ambition and execution capability. For solutions that deliver both green and financial returns. At Eneco Energy Trade, we have the drive to contribute to this to the maximum extent, leveraging our unique, central position as the Dutch energy trading house.

Started in 2000 as a trading unit within Eneco, we have grown into the connecting link for climate-ambitious parties in the European energy chain. This goes beyond the daily buying and selling of (our own) renewable energy. With over 200 dedicated specialists and our smart technological solutions, we have everything in place to create value and financial security for our partners, to optimize assets and energy flows, and to make sustainable initiatives in the energy market financially viable. Together, we are realizing Eneco's ambition to become climate neutral by 2035.

Our missionClimate neutral by 2035
Credit rating A-No 1. Dutch energy trading house
We're on it. Now.23 ongoing innovation projects
Our peopleA highly educated, international team

What we do to help realize a climate neutral future:

EET trading

We create value and financial security for our partners

Our traders, structurers, and portfolio managers work closely together at our trade desk. This allows us to decide and act on market movements and short-term price changes in real time, anticipate financial opportunities and risks more quickly, and close the best deals for our partners and the entire Eneco.

We boost sustainable initiatives in the energy market

For project developers and our own business units, we are a major driving force behind sustainable business development. We offer new providers of renewable energy and innovative projects access to the market and develop business models in the areas of green gas, green hydrogen, and behind-the-meter solutions to make climate goals financially feasible as well.
Eneco World Winddesk
Eneco World Winddesk

We unlock the full potential of assets and energy grids

We deploy the most advanced software technologies and risk mitigation frameworks to utilize (renewable) energy systems and assets in the most emission-efficient and economically responsible manner possible. Combined with our unique data-driven (weather) forecast capabilities, we hold a leading position in the market.

At the centre of Eneco

Eneco Energy Trade is the beating heart within the Eneco. Here, all incoming and outgoing energy, data, and financial flows converge, including those from both our own customer and asset portfolios and those of our partners. From this central position, we provide financial security for Eneco and its customers, and support all our business units in developing new sustainable propositions.

Our responsibilities

Eneco Energy Trade is responsible for meeting the demand, supply and balancing needs of Eneco’s customers, (renewable) generation assets and energy storages. As a result, all commodity flows and price risks associated with business activities of Eneco are transferred to and managed.
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A highly educated international team

At Energy Trade, we operate at the highest level in the energy transition. With over 200 passionate econometricians, engineers, meteorologists, commercial analysts, and other specialists, we form a unique, international trading and expertise centre in the global market for renewable energy.