Although the Netherlands is associated more with wind than with sunshine, solar energy is also a way of producing large amounts of energy. Solar farms and solar roofs are key contributors towards a sustainable energy supply. As with onshore wind farms, we are eager for relevant parties and/or local residents to share their thoughts on how best to integrate the solar farm into their surroundings.
Mechanics sunroof Kingspan

Dronten starts generating energy from parking

Parking cars beneath 1100 solar panels on the parking area behind Dronten’s town hall is a smart way of integrating renewable energy production, EV charging and energy storage.

Ameland solar farm

Solar energy for households on the island of Ameland

Ouddorp aan Zee solar farm

Eneco involved as an adviser for developing a solar farm project
grootschalige opwek duurzame energie rijnenburg

Sustainable energy in Rijnenburg and Reijerscop

Exploration of the possibilities for sustainable energy
Zonnepark Tholen

Tholen solar farm

Joint initiative between a landowner and Eneco to supply solar energy to the residents of Tholen

Kabeljauwbeek solar farm

Besides the realisation of a wind farm, the land will also be utilised in the future for a solar farm.
Sevor Solar Farm

De Wildert solar farm

The De Wildert solar farm is a wonderful addition to the local sustainable energy production.

What else we are doing

Find out what else we have achieved to realise our mission of ‘everyone's sustainable energy’.