Norther Wind Farm

Norther, one of the largest Belgian offshore wind farms, has been operational since June 2019. The wind farm is located approximately 23 kilometres off the coast of Zeebrugge (Belgium). Norther consists of 44 wind turbines of the type V164-8.0 MW.

The amount of renewable power generated by Norther, 370 MegaWatt, equals the average annual consumption of almost 400,000 households.

Wind farm Norther offshore
Wind farm Norther offshore

Eneco’s responsibilities

Eneco has a 50% share in the Norther wind farm and markets 50% of the electricity output via a separate power purchase agreement. The other shareholder is Elicio (50%).

Eneco has been closely involved in the development of Norther:

  • Development partner;
  • Technical design;
  • Planning, contracting, financing.

In addition, Eneco is off-taker and, as shareholder, member of the management board of Norther.

Seaweed farm

Together with 100 other parties, Eneco is a member of the Seaweed Platform Community of Stichting Noordzeeboerderij. As a seaweed sector organisation, Noordzeeboerderij, together with the entire value chain, wants to achieve positive climate solutions with seaweed, in the North Sea and throughout Europe.

The 'Wier & Wind' project fits in directly with this. It is a demonstration project in which scalable seaweed cultivation will be tested within the Norther offshore wind farm over the next two years. It’s the first time that real experience can be gained with multiple use of space in a wind farm.


Facts & Figures

Wind turbines
  • 44 turbines
  • Type V164-8.0 MW
Installed capacity
  • 370 MW
  • Ca. 400,000
  • Eneco (50%)
  • Elicio (50%)
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