Together on the road to climate neutrality in 2035

Eneco wants to accelerate the energy transition. This is desperately needed, because global warming is happening faster than expected. We feel it is our responsibility to be a leader in this field. Our ambition is to become climate neutral in 2035. In our own activities and in the energy we supply to our customers. We believe it is necessary and we believe it can be done. Our three strategic pillars - customers, sustainable generation and integration - are aimed at making this acceleration a reality.
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Sustainable relationship with customers

We want to deliver value to our customers with affordable energy and energy services, excellent digital service and an offer that matches their needs. So that they can control their energy supply, lower their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

Green growth

With Eneco GroenGroeien, we help our customers to purchase as much electricity as possible entirely from renewable sources at times when these sources actually produce green electricity. Together, we strive for an optimal match between supply and demand. This way, customers can make use of electricity from sustainable sources as much as possible at any hour of the day.

Eneco Omschakelaar®

The Eneco Omschakelaar is an online advice tool that provides appropriate advice for the next step in making homes more sustainable. Based on a number of questions and data such as postcode and house number, customers - but also non-customers - receive appropriate advice. This way, they know what this next step costs and how much they can save. This is done on the basis of data from the Land Registry and data on current energy consumption. With the help of these customer profiles, we can better help customers and prospects to make their homes more sustainable.

Doubling our renewable generation

In order to provide our customers with sustainably produced energy, we are constantly expanding our installed solar and wind energy capacity. We are also expanding the production of renewable heat. We aim to almost double our sustainable capacity (electricity and heat) to 2,600 MW in 2025.

Ambition: green electricity for all customers by 2030

We already supply the vast majority of our customers with renewable electricity. 100% of our private customers have been supplied with green electricity since 2011, while more than 50% of our business customers purchase green electricity.

Our ambition is also to sell 100% green electricity to all business customers from 2030 onwards. We believe this is feasible for our customers because electricity produced from sun and wind is already cheaper than that from coal and gas power stations.

Smart connections for maximum value

Together with our customers, we match supply and demand for renewable energy optimally. By connecting our customers to our sustainable sources with smart technologies, we can 'shift' the demand for electricity. This is good for them, because they benefit from lower supply prices. For us, it means a higher yield from our sources. We combine this with customer agreements for energy purchase from offshore wind farms. In this way, we ensure investment power in a sustainable future.

E-boiler in the industry

Electrification of the heat demand in industry offers a great opportunity to further reduce NOx and CO₂ emissions. This can be done with industrial heat pumps and electric boilers, for example. Electric boilers in particular can deliver high temperatures and are relatively cost-effective.

We place the industrial electric boilers next to the gas-fired boilers and can switch on the electric boilers at times when there is a lot of sun and wind. The gas boilers then do not have to be turned on, and we reduce our customers' CO₂ emissions. In Ypenburg, we have installed an e-boiler to make the district heating more sustainable and to learn how to work with this technology.

Our strategy in practice



In 2020, Eneco and Borealis signed a ten-year contract to help bring down the plastics manufacturer’s carbon footprint.

The more than 13,000 solar panels on the roof of’s new fulfilment centre in Waalwijk are helping it become ever more sustainable.


Heerema Marine Contractors, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Eneco are completing a joint project to provide sustainable shore power to Heerema’s offshore installation vessels.


The Binckhorst district in The Hague is being transformed into a modern and innovative district.

The Efteling

The Efteling Amusement park will open, in cooperation with Eneco, the largest charging station in the Benelux.
Boys in the sun

Hollandse Kust (noord) Wind Farm

The Consortium CrossWind, a joint venture between Shell in the Netherlands and Eneco, have been awarded the tender to build the wind farm subsidy-free.