Comfortable indoor climate for Binckhorst residents

The Binckhorst district in The Hague, which was once a large industrial estate with three inland harbours, is being transformed into a modern and innovative district. Living and working are being brought together. Project developer VORM and Eneco are realising three new construction projects with an innovative energy supply: Binck Blocks, Binck City Park and One Milky Way. Eneco BinckNet® – a sustainable thermal smart grid – provides ‘new-style heating and cooling’ in these buildings.
BinckNet is a decentralised heat network in which thermal storage systems form the basis for the supply of heat and cold. The thermal storage systems are used to store cold from the winter to use for cooling in the summer. Heat from the summer is then used to supply heat in the winter. Other local sources, such as aquathermal and geothermal energy, can also be easily connected to the smart, innovative BinckNet. The result is a comfortable indoor climate at an attractive cost for residents and businesses.