Prof. J.M. (Annemieke) Roobeek, MSc

Member supervisory board

Appointed as a member of the supervisory board of Eneco Groep N.V. on 1 October 2020 under the enhanced right of recommendation (‘versterkt aanbevelingsrecht’) of the central works council.

Current main positions: 
  • Member of the Remuneration/selection and appointment committee
  • Professor Strategy and Transformation management at Nyenrode Business Universiteit
  • Founder and CEO of MeetingMoreMinds B.V.
  • Founder and CEO of GrwNxt B.V


Foto Annemieke Roobeek

Other positions:


  • Member of the supervisory board at Randstad Holding Nederland B.V
  • Chairperson of the board of Holland Fintech
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of Howaldt & Co Investments in Hamburg
  • Chairperson of Social Finance NL
  • Member of the supervisory board at SolarDuck B.V., renewable energy through floating solar panels
  • Member of the advisory board at OZ Architect