Rozenburg shore power

The ships owned by Heerema Marine Contractors have their permanent berths on Rozenburg peninsula. Heerema wants to supply its large offshore crane ships with sustainable electricity while they are moored in the Calandkanaal. That is why Heerema, Rotterdam Port Authority and Eneco are realising a shore power connection for the Calandkanaal.

Sustainable energy for crane ships

This connection supplies the large offshore crane ships with sustainable electricity when they are moored on the canal. The electricity will originate from the wind turbines on the headland. When the diesel generators of the ships are switched off as soon as a ship is connected to shore power, almost all emissions and fine particles will disappear. This will improve the air quality and reduce CO₂ emissions. It will also reduce noise nuisance due to the fact that the engines will be switched off.

Integration into the landscape

Under the direction of landscape architect Marius Ballieux, a participatory process was held with the neighbourhood committee and interested parties in Rozenburg that focused on integrating the shore power plant in a way that suits the green character of the Headland. During the three meetings, Marius Ballieux was responsible for supervising the process and developing the project. In a very short time, it was found to be possible to translate the wishes and requirements of the local residents and integrate the shore power plant into the landscape. 

Fact and figures

Technical specifications

Capacity: 20MW
Frequency: 50 and 60Hz

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