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Climate neutral by 2035

If we want to leave future generations a liveable planet, we must not let the Earth heat up by more than 1.5°C. That is why we have the ambition to become climate neutral by 2035. We have laid down our sustainability objectives in our One Planet plan. The plan contains measurable objectives in the field of:

More about our ambition

We take steps now

We must act now to leave future generations a liveable planet. We take our responsibility. Together with our customers, we take steps towards becoming climate neutral in 2035.

How will Eneco achieve this?

With the One Planet Plan, Eneco wants to become climate neutral by 2035. In our own activities and the energy we supply to our customers. With concrete steps, Eneco contributes to accelerating the energy transition. This way we can leave a liveable earth to future generations. 

Three climate actions

Eneco wants to achieve its climate ambition through three actions:

  • Decarbonise our customers: 100% green electricity, alternatives for heating with natural gas like (hybrid) heat pumps and green gases like green hydrogen (for industry) and decarbonising mobility with electric charging.
  • Generate more sustainable energy: more green electricity for a.o. feeding heat pumps and electric vehicles, green heat pumps for our heat networks and green molecules such as green hydrogen.
  • Balance and optimise the energy system: develop or contract CO₂-free flexible assets, like utility scale batteries, and unlock flexibility in assets, such as heat pumps, electric vehicles and solar and wind farms by bundling them in Virtual Power Plants.
Wind farm Windpark Hogezandse Polder Numansdorp

Zowiezon: the push for solar on the school roof

Many schools want to become more sustainable. This can be done with solar panels on the roof. The question for many school boards is: how do we go about this? Zowiezon gives schools in the Netherlands the final push to use their large empty school roofs to generate sustainable energy. With practical help and more.