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Eneco is a strong, integrated, independent and growing energy company, active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. Eneco's head office is located in Rotterdam.

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We have been active in the energy sector for over 100 years. Eneco's roots go back to the 19th century. At that time, gas and electricity were produced on a 'large' scale for the first time and local energy companies were established. These local energy companies grew larger and merged in the 20th century. After a history of cooperation and mergers between the municipal utility companies of Rotterdam, The Hague and Dordrecht, the current Eneco was created in 1995.

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Figures according to proforma financial year 1 April 2022 - 31 March 2023


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All private and small business customers in the Netherlands of supplier Eneco Consumenten B.V. receive green electricity from Eneco.


Eneco introduces the smart thermostat Toon®, which gives customers insight into their own energy consumption and the costs thereof at any time of the day. Within a short period of time, Eneco becomes the market leader in this segment.


The first heat is supplied via Leiding over Noord. A 16.8-kilometre pipeline transports residual heat from the AVR waste and power plant in Rozenburg via Vlaardingen and Schiedam to the Rotterdam district heating network.


Eneco is one of the founding members of the Dutch Sustainable Energy Association (NVDE). The NVDE is the platform for cooperation within the sustainable energy chain and discussion partner for government and politics.


Eneco reaches the milestone of 1 GigaWatt of sustainable generation capacity. This is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 850,000 households.


Eneco enters into a ten-year agreement with the Belgian plastic manufacturer Borealis to help reduce their CO₂ footprint. By 2021, the Borealis branches will be powered by wind energy from the SeaMade wind farm in the North Sea. CrossWind, a joint venture between Eneco and Shell, will build the Hollandse Kust (North) offshore wind farm; one of the first offshore wind farms in the world not to receive any subsidies.


Eneco presents its One Planet Plan, and its ambition for the company and its customers to be climate-neutral by 2035. The plan includes a roadmap showing the key goals along the way, milestones and planned actions.


Together with PepsiCo, Eneco will make the chips factory in Broek op Langedijk more sustainable through electrification and thermal storage.