Ir. C.J. (Kees-Jan) Rameau, MBA

Member management board Eneco

Kees-Jan Rameau (1962) was appointed member of the management board as Chief Operating Officer Integrated Energy (COO-IE) of Eneco on 1 February 2017. From 1 April 2008 until 1 February 2017 he was a member of the management board of Eneco Holding N.V. He started his career at Eneco as strategy director at the beginning of 2004. At the beginning of 2007, he was appointed Business to Business director.

Before Rameau joined Eneco, he worked at the Boston Consulting Group, TPG (now TNT) and McKinsey & Company, where he was active in the fields of strategy, finance and operations. He studied Applied Physics at Delft University of Technology and holds an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau.

Kees Jan Rameau

Other positions:


  • Member of the advisory board of Energy MBA, Nyenrode Business University
  • Member of the board of the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT)
  • Member of the supervisory board of Lichtblick (Holding AG)