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Making the energy transition possible for everyone

Acceleration is only possible if we do it together. Eneco wants to make energy transition possible for everyone, including people with financial difficulties. This problem was already high on Eneco’s agenda, and is now even more urgent than it already was. We try to help affected customers as practically and concretely as possible.

Energy poverty

Rising energy prices mean that more than half a million households in the Netherlands are now experiencing energy poverty. Energy poverty is defined as spending more than 8% of income on energy.

Concrete steps

Eneco's social debt collection policy focuses on prevention and providing information. Here are a few examples of concrete steps we have taken:

  • Warm Incasseren: Eneco’s respectful and socially responsible treatment of customers with debt was recognised when we became the first commercial Dutch company operating on the national level to achieve the Warm Incasseren (social accreditation) for customer-friendly debt collection


  • Savings tips: Via the website and app, we provide customers with tips to keep their energy bills as low as possible.


  • Video for low-literacy customers: The personalised interactive video offers customers the opportunity to make payments, set up payment schedules or get help with debt problems.


  • Geldfit: Through Geldfit, Eneco enables households to take a step towards tackling debt problems. For example, with online tips, an energy coach or someone who looks into the financial options that may be available for the energy allowance. Via, Eneco also connects customers with debt problems to the local government for support in tackling their debts structurally.


  • Energieregelaar: this is a self-service portal that makes it easier for administrators (the parties providing debt assistance) to handle their clients’ affairs with Eneco and our brands.


  • Cooperation with local governments: By working closely with local authorities, we aim to tackle energy poverty and debt problems at the same time.

“It is worrisome that in times of rising energy prices, energy poverty increases. We consider it our responsibility to help customers who are having difficulty paying their bill to the best of our ability. Our long term support involves reducing the energy consumption in the home, which also contributes to more sustainability. In the short term we provide support by implementing an even more socially oriented debt collection policy that is aimed at individual customers”As Tempelman, CEO Eneco

Energiebank Rotterdam

Eneco sponsors the Energiebank in Rotterdam with energy-saving products such as water-saving shower heads and letterbox brushes. In addition, a number of employees are volunteering as energy coaches, including Kevin Priem, and some are being trained as energy coaches.

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