Our brands

Eneco serves its customers with various brands. Each brand plays its own role in the generation, consumption, storage and distribution of sustainable energy. Together, we are leaders in the energy transition: both as green energy supplier as well as inventors of smart energy solutions.
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Brand portfolio Eneco

AGreenergy logo RGB


AgroEnergy helps horticultural customers purchase sustainable energy for the best possible price.

Eneco logo-CMYK


Eneco is responsible for generating and supplying green energy. With affordable products and services Eneco helps people make the switch to more sustainable and smarter energy.
LichtBlick logo


LichtBlick is a green, customer oriented and innovative energy company, situated in Germany.
Oxxio logo RGB


Oxxio is the online-only energy supplier in the Netherlands.
WoonEnergie logo


WoonEnergie helps housing corporations and their tenants to save energy.