Our portfolio

Logo 42watt

Invested: Dec/23

42watt is a one-stop-shop digital marketplace connecting consumers and installers for home renovations.
wesmart logo

Invested: Dec/23

WeSmart is a leading digital platform specializing in the development and management of renewable energy communities.

Invested: Okt/23

Lance Free is a digital platform that connects self-employed people with construction and installation companies through smart algorithms and a personal approach.
Logo Klimate

Invested: Sep/23

Klimate offers an integrated platform for high-quality carbon removal strategy and action, allowing companies to achieve their net zero ambitions.

Invested: Dec/22

Fusebox helps provide flexibility to the electric grid by actively controlling electrical appliances and energy storage systems: a pioneer in the field of demand-side response.

Invested: Aug/22

Solar Monkey provides software to installers of solar panel systems, which enables them to remotely and highly efficiently design, calculate and quote installations.

Invested: Jul/22

Gradyent is a data-driven software company that developed software to make Digital Twins of heat networks. With their Digital Twins they can optimize existing networks and can help with optimizing design of new heat networks.

Invested: Jul/22

Winst uit je woning is a Dutch scale-up acting as an intermediary for sustainable housing solutions. Winst uit je woning’s mission is to be the catalyst in the transition to sustainable housing.

Invested: Jan/22

Sunvigo integrates rooftop solar system in a convenient power contract. By merging two conventional products - a green power contract with a hardware product – they create true power-as-a-service and radically lower the barriers for consumers to join the energy transition.

Invested: Nov/21

Rockstart Energy Fund runs an accelerator program for early stage startups and invests alongside from Seed to series B. Focus areas of the fund are renewable energy generation, low carbon solutions and mobility.

Invested: Jul/21 - Oct/23

Energyworx is a company working on the forefront of data-management with leading companies in the energy sector. With increasing volatility in supply and demand of energy, data management will become a decisive competitive advantage for utilities. Through its platform, Energyworx allows utilities to organize and utilize the increasing amounts of data.

Invested: Apr/16

Roamler is a crowdsourcing platform, providing a B2B that answers the call of companies for efficiency with widespread, on-demand professionals and individuals.

Invested: Jul/15

Olisto allows to couple smart devices and smart services. Hence, connecting to Olisto enriches your product by adding new capabilities.