Our exits


Invested: Jul/21 - Oct/23

Energyworx is a company working on the forefront of data-management with leading companies in the energy sector. With increasing volatility in supply and demand of energy, data management will become a decisive competitive advantage for utilities. Through its platform, Energyworx allows utilities to organize and utilize the increasing amounts of data.

Invested: Aug/21 - Apr/23

Installion operates an installation job platform. The platform matches business customers for renewable assets to installation providers.

Invested: Dec/15 – Jul/22

Luminext provides robust smart street lighting solutions. The company does large scale lighting installations in cities, on highways, and in rural areas. By doing so, they create a safe, comfortable and sustainable environment with less illumination.

Invested: Dec/18 - Apr/22

Suniverse offers sustainable energy systems for homeowners and housing associations; Next to offering a wide variety of energy systems (e.g. PV, heatpumps, PV boilers), the company also facilitates financing constructs.

Invested: Jun/17 – Aug / 21

Next.Kraftwerke is one of the world's largest virtual power plants & energy traders. Next.Kraftwerke aggregates thousands of electricity producers, consumers, and storage units. By intelligently controlling their feed-in and consumption, power and flexibility can be valorised on different markets.

Invested: Jun/18 – Jun/21

GreenFlux is a leading enabler of electric driving and smart charging, providing an electric mobility infrastructure management platform that supports the operations of charge point operators all over the world.

Invested: Jun/17 – Apr/21

ONZO provides analytics, insight and associated services that enable energy retailers to provide engaging solutions to their residential customers. ONZO uses raw smart meter consumption data to derive these insights from.


Invested: Aug/17 - Febr/21

Thermondo is a heating as a service provider that sells and installs residential heating systems, but has also developed software that can monitor and optimise energy consumption at individual household levels.

Invested: Nov/17 - Feb/20

Peeeks brings smart energy management into homes, essentially connecting residential energy asset information (e.g. heatpumps, batteries, wallboxes, etc.) with smart control algorithms.

Invested: Nov/17 - Mar/20

Jedlix is an electric vehicle smart charging platform for consumers. With Jedlix, consumer EVs automatically charge at the times that are greenest and cheapest for the energy market.

Invested: Apr/16 - Feb/20

Simaxx provides a smart solution that shows how to improve the building performance in terms of well-being, operational costs and energy consumption based on building management systems, light control, and all sorts of sensors.