Data policy

The whole of the Netherlands is switching over. More and more people and companies are opting for cleaner, smarter and more sustainable energy. We use data to enable the next steps in the energy Transition. What personal data do we use? We are transparent about that. We continuously evaluate how we store, process and use data. We always reflect critically about what both our customers and society expect from us and how to maintain our reputation as a trusted partner. We obey the law and seek consent when necessary. We also make it possible at any time to object to the use of data for given purposes. In this way we can innovate, while upholding the shared standards and norms that remain of paramount importance.


Society expects us to act as a sustainable commercial company, both in attracting new customers and selling products within our portfolio. To meet these expectations, we collect data from our websites, contracts, customer interactions, public sources (such as CBS and the land registry) and from third parties. Thanks to this data, our communication can always be adapted to the individual situation of customers.

Eneco customers

Eneco customers expect us to offer them our products, provide them with advice over renewable energy and to deliver savings tips. We want to live up to these expectations. That is why we create models, profiles and insights based on customer data, data from devices such as Toon, public databases and data from third parties. Combinations of all data sources allow us to be more relevant. This way, the right customer gets to see the right product at the right time.