Trading & Structuring

Long- and short-term trading in (renewable) energy commodities has been the core of our business since the opening of the power and gas markets in 2000. Our traders, structurers, and portfolio managers literally sit side by side on our trading floor, enabling us to decide and act on market movements and short-term price changes in real time, anticipate financial opportunities and risks more quickly and close the best deals for our partners and the entire Eneco.

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Trading Desk

Our Trading Desk is Eneco’s gateway to the outside world. Here, we bring renewable energy products and derivatives from our own assets and those of our partners to the market, connecting each demand in real time with the right supply. This enables us to make millions of decisions every day, 365 days a year, and every minute of the day to secure the best deals for our clients. Our traders collaborate closely with our in-house risk analysts, portfolio managers, structurers, market specialists, and meteorologists in this process.

Sourcing & Pricing

We develop procurement strategies and commercial propositions for (renewable) energy, both for ourselves and our partners. In doing so, we utilize data-driven valuation models to anticipate expected energy demand and generation, market competition, and changing laws and regulations. This allows us to optimally predict the future value and price risks of energy, ensuring that we can always offer our customers the best price.

Portfolio Optimization

We are the strategic manager of our energy portfolios in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom. This means that we continuously analyse, plan, and optimize our mix of energy assets to maximize Eneco’s profitability and minimize financial risks. Our portfolio managers are supported by advanced forecasting models and analysis techniques to eliminate uncertainties as much as possible.

Structuring & Origination

The Structuring & Origination team is involved in setting up long-term and complex energy contracts. Think of corporate PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements), where, for example, a wind or solar park exclusively produces for a major industrial or commercial customer, such as Microsoft, Schiphol, or Extensive analyses precede these agreements, in which we use in-house developed models and strategies to assess and ensure the financial viability throughout the entire project life cycle.

Risk Management

The energy market is a dynamic environment with price fluctuations, interest rate changes, geopolitical uncertainties, and technological advancements. Our risk managers assess these market risks 24/7 and establish the frameworks within which Eneco Energy Trade can operate, thereby protecting both our customers and ourselves from financial losses.
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