Business development

The energy transition is a source of innovation and new technology. As a central link in the chain, we want to be a driver and facilitator for sustainable business development. We offer new providers of renewable energy and innovative projects access to the market, and develop business models in the areas of green gas, green hydrogen, and behind-the-meter solutions to make climate goals financially feasible as well.

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Financing & funding

As a leader in the energy transition, we take our responsibility to support other parties in realizing their climate ambitions. We are involved in numerous sustainable initiatives and contribute to the financial viability of innovative companies developing new technologies in areas such as green gas, hydrogen, energy storage, or sustainable heat production. Additionally, we support our own business units within Eneco to continue investing in green innovation and new propositions.

Innovation projects

Sustainable innovation is more than developing new technologies to generate, distribute, and store renewable energy. It also requires new business models and well-thought-out business cases that can make these technologies profitable. This is also something we focus on at Eneco Energy Trade. For instance by making green gas and hydrogen scalable and affordable, by supplying sustainable bio raw materials, and by contributing to successful behind-the-meter propositions, such as smart charging of EVs and optimizing batteries for our own use.

Market access

Eneco Energy Trade is the only integrated energy trading platform in the Netherlands. This sets us apart from all other Dutch energy companies that have their trading floors abroad. For new providers and project developers, we are an important and accessible gateway to the energy market. We enable them to bring energy products from wind, solar, geothermal, or green gas to the market and capitalize on their investments.
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Meet our experts

Do you have ambitions to bring renewable energy to the market or create value through sustainable innovation? Then we would love to have a conversation with you. Get in touch with one of our specialists!