Asset optimization

Our (contracted) renewable power plants and storage systems form a string of options which, under different market conditions, require different hedge solutions. Eneco Energy Trade deploys the most advanced software technologies and risk mitigation frameworks to utilize these energy systems and assets in the most emission-efficient and economically responsible manner possible. This allows us to optimize the total portfolio return and assets value for Eneco.

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Energy Management

We are pioneers in the real-time management of assets to align the generation of renewable energy with current market demand and network capacity. We are the first to connect gas power plants, wind farms, and solar parks to flexibility markets in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany in this way. For our customers, it is crucial that we deliver what we promised a day or a year earlier. This means that we not only need to be able to predict accurately, but often have to deploy reserve capacity and curtailment to deliver the right amount of energy at the right time.

Network Balancing

We contribute to the stability of energy networks by keeping supply and demand in balance. A prime example is our Virtual Power Plant (VPP), a platform that we have developed in-house and to which sustainable assets such as solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, charging stations, and electric boilers can be connected. During periods of high sustainable energy generation, the VPP ensures that cars are charged and boilers are heated. In case of a surplus, the batteries are charged or the solar panels are put on pause. Customers receive compensation for this.

Energy Forecasting

In the current energy market, predictive ability is a crucial success factor. Therefore, we have all the specialists in-house to forecast the supply and demand for renewable energy as accurately as possible, in both the short and the long term. We examine historical energy data, market trends, seasonal variations, and emerging technologies. We also employ meteorologists who predict the impact of weather conditions on the generation of, for example, wind and solar energy.

‘We have the energy to achieve your sustainable business goals’

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