Timme van Beusekom

Timme is an experienced financial professional and has held various Finance roles before joining the Ventures team as Financial Director at the end of 2018.

He studied business economics in Rotterdam with a degree in corporate finance and external reporting. After studying business economics in Rotterdam, he started at KPMG Audit, where he served a broad client portfolio, from political party to listed company. During this period of more than 7 years he was involved in various due diligence investigations in addition to his audit work.

In 2008 Timme made the switch to Eneco and has since held various positions in the triangle between Finance, Strategy and Investments. From his role on the investment committee, he helped Eneco to realize the current sustainable asset portfolio. From his role as manager Investment Analysis, Timme has frequently assisted in the preparation of valuations and business cases.

Prior to joining Ventures, Timme supervised the integration of German energy company LichtBlick from a 50% stake to full ownership of Eneco. This included various issues relating to governance, which are typical of participations.

Timme is motivated to ensure a better living environment by making the transition to 100% sustainable energy through the right investments in smart solutions.

Timme can often be found on the tennis court, runs hard with his dog every week and likes to cook for friends and his family.

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