Susan Heerings

Susan is an experienced legal professional. After graduation at Vrije University in Amsterdam in 2011, Susan started her career as a lawyer at the law firm Houthoff, later continuing at Baker McKenzie. As a lawyer, Susan assisted a diversity of companies and (private equity) funds with a great number of investments and take overs. Her works consisted of legal due diligence investigations and negotiating transaction documentation.

Mid 2018, Susan started as legal counsel at Eneco Ventures after she took a world trip with her family. Susan has a broad interest in the energy transition and therefore her role within the Eneco Ventures teams fits her like a glove. Within the team, Susan focuses on legal due diligence investigations and structuring and negotiating new investments. Also, Susan likes to advice the entrepreneurs in our portfolio about any legal questions related to our investments.

In her free time, Susan enjoys outdoor sports such as bootcamp, skiing and ice skating and makes clothing.

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