Arieke Boersen

Arieke leads Eneco Ventures and the M&A team at Eneco. She joined in March 2022, after having worked in the energy sector at Nuon, Vattenfall and Stecc Capital prior. Arieke started her career as an Trainee at Nuon/Vattenfall and held various positions within the Vattenfall Group. She was responsible for several deals and gained broad sector knowledge.

She enjoys the challenges of the dynamic issues the energy sector brings and strongly believes that we need to work together, build partnerships and support innovations, to stay within the natural boundaries of our planet. 

Arieke is very happy to see a growing number of startups which focus on carbon impact and energy tech. As Eneco invests heavily in the development of sustainable solutions, projects, products and services, the Eneco Ventures team is at the forefront of this company ambition and wants to play an important role in accelerating the energy transition.  

Arieke lives together with husband Reinder and kids Abel and Olivier. In her spare time, she loves to row, hike, play soccer with the kids or wine and dine with friends in Amsterdam.

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